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Big Brother 2017: Meet the new housemates

Big Brother 2017 kicked off on Monday night as 16 new housemates were thrown together for a summer of tasks, nominations, and complaints about food.

The new series of the reality show began with an election of its own as viewers got to choose a special housemate.

For the first time, Big Brother allowed the public to elect a "People's Housemate" from four candidates - Tom Barber, from Wales, was the lucky contestant to be picked and now has a special role which will see him in charge in the house, even having access to the outside world.

So let's meet this year's line-up of housemates:

Kayleigh Morris, 28

Welsh girl Kayleigh has appeared on two separate series of Ex On The Beach, however she is now currently in a relationship.

Before entering the house, she said: "You will be put in an environment where you will either sink or swim with lots of different personalities."

Lotan Carter, 28

Essex boy starred alongside his uncle Louie Spence on Pineapple Dance Studios and now forms part of dance group Dreamboys.

Imran Javeed, 39, and Sukhvinder Javeed, 38

Childhood sweethearts Imran and Sukhvinder Javeed, of Leeds, join the show after saying how their different backgrounds meant their relationship was initially frowned upon.

Raised in a strict Sikh family, Sukhvinder, 38, plans to represent "the black sheep of the communities".

Meanwhile, 39-year-old Imran aims to "show the UK what a modern Muslim looks like".

Hannah Agboola, 23, and Deborah Agboola, 25

London sisters Deborah and Hannah Agboola want to encourage UK-born Nigerians to "embrace their culture".

Hannah, 23, holds the title of Miss Nigeria UK and hopes to inspire young people to turn away from crime.

Equally strong-willed, Deborah, 25, said her ambitious nature is thanks to her mother's mantra: "If you want the sweetest banana, you have to climb the highest tree."

Kieran Lee, 25, and Rebecca Jane, 32

Kieran is a CCTV installation engineer and "honey trapper", who works at the detective agency of fellow housemate Rebecca.

Jane investigates cheating partners by using attractive people as bait and is the author of 2013 book The Real Lady Detective Agency.

She made her first million at the age of 21.

Charlotte Keys, 24, and Mandy Longworth, 51

Estate agent Charlotte says she "will be the most argumentative housemate" and is moving in alongside her antiques dealer mother Mandy.

Mandy says she's looking for love in the house, adding she wants "someone of a similar age, a bit of money and a man that hasn’t dated a lot of young women".

Raphael Korine, 22

Psychology student Raphael speaks five languages and claims to have cheated on every partner he has ever had.

The American says he sees Big Brother as the "ultimate psychology test".

Chanelle McCleary, 24

Model Chanelle could bring the drama as she said she wants to "cause some mayhem" during her stay.

She has also appeared on Ex On The Beach and admits to having spent £15,000 on cosmetic surgery.

Arthur Fulford, 24

Arthur is heir to his family's 3,000-acre estate and said he signed up looking for an exciting experience.

He appeared alongside his family on two BBC shows - ‘The F**king Fulfords’ and ‘Life Is Toff’.

Ellie Young, 23

Ellie says Big Brother has always been on her wish list.

She appeared on ITV2 reality TV show Ibiza Weekender and has previously worked as a holiday rep.

Bubbly Ellie says she's looking for love in the house.

Joe Quaranta, 55

South London man Joe is a nightclub owner and says he wants to show that "oldies can do well too".

His girlfriend is 26 years his junior and he says he likes to travel all over the world "enjoying the finer things in life".

'People's Housemate' Tom Barber, 21

Welsh Tom was picked from four hopefuls to enter the house as the people's housemate.

He insisted he would not let his privileged position make him feel awkward, saying he would just "crack on" with Big Brother life.

However, within minutes the 21-year-old was told he would be tasked with revoking the citizenship of some of the residents, exiling them to the "fringes of Big Brother society".

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