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Big Brother rounds up another gaggle desperate for fame

A former rock star, two glamour models, an Oxford University graduate who lives in a stately home and a virgin are among the 16 hopefuls who walked through the doors of the Big Brother house last night.

Contestants had a shock this year — instead of enjoying designer sofas and a glamorous lifestyle, they will spend their first days living in one room with only cold porridge to eat.

Within minutes of entering the house they were told they were not real housemates and they would have to earn their status to remain in the house.

Those who fail or refuse a task will be left to the mercy of the public who will decide if they should be granted housemate status.

On Sunday, any participants who have not been made into “proper” housemates will be met by host Davina McCall as they are booted out live from the house.

The wannabes were told to open a crate in the garden and change into the non-housemate uniform, which they must wear until they gain housemate status.

This year’s entrants include 20-year-old Sophie Reade, from Cheshire, who has posed nude for Playboy and is a 30GG bra size.

She was joined by Karly Ashworth (21), from Fife, a part-time glamour model who dropped out of university after three weeks.

The female line-up also includes Angel McKenzie (35), from south London, who is originally from Russia, but moved to England 12 years ago.

She found fame in Russia and has released an album. She is also a passionate boxer.

Fellow contestant Beinazir Lasharie (28), a study support assistant, is from Pakistan. Her family sought asylum in the UK when she was one year old.

Her favourite memory is when the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto, who was killed in 2007, came to the family’s house.

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