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Biggs: My crazy American Pie scenes

Jason Biggs has confessed his raunchy scenes in American Pie: Reunion were "bad on every level".

The actor, who has played Jim since the original 1999 film, had to go full-frontal and dress up in bondage for the new instalment.

And he revealed: "We filmed it in the summer in Atlanta when it was humid, gross and disgusting.

"I was wearing this crazy S&M outfit, I had an allergic reaction to the grass and they have these bugs, which they call Palmetto bugs, which is a really sweet way of saying cockroaches. It was just bad on every level."

But Jason, 33, insisted he had no blushes about baring all for the film, out on May 2.

"I have no shame obviously so there was nothing that was really embarrassing," he added.

"I put out more than I've ever shown and I'm not talking emotionally. I don't know how to top that. Maybe the next stop is porn?!"

Co-star Seann William Scott, who plays loudmouth Stifler, didn't realise how much he would have to strip off for the film.

He said: "I thought we were just going to see the side of my butt and I showed up to set that day and in my trailer they had this flesh coloured thong and I'm like, 'Woah, what's up with that?'."

Seann joked: "I'm uncomfortable about showing my bum but I do it for the sake of acting. It's like, 'What would Marlon Brando and James Dean do?'."


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