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Billie Piper: Rose would still be in love with new Doctor Who ‘babe’

The award-winning actress previously played Rose Tyler in the show.

Former Doctor Who star Billie Piper has admitted her character would still be in love with the Time Lord when portrayed by incoming “babe” Jodie Whittaker.

The award-winning actress, 34, previously played companion Rose Tyler to David Tennant’s time-travelling Doctor over two seasons that saw her feelings for him blossom.

Though the pair have since been replaced on the BBC show by a number of new faces, Piper said Rose’s feelings would still be strong for the Doctor’s latest, and first-ever, female incarnation.

In a Twitter post sharing an article that said Rose would still be in love with Whittaker’s character, she wrote: “Yehhhh she would … Jodie’s a babe xx.”

The article, by Attitude magazine, quoted her comments at two recent Doctor Who events where she told fans the Doctor and their companion would always have a “beautiful union”.

Asked whether the Time Lord’s gender would affect the relationship, she said: “It won’t.

Doctor Who revealed

“If they’re going to change the world and travel through time, they’re gonna have to have a strong allegiance.

“I think this is just the beginning of something really exciting. It’s not gonna be traditional. It’s gonna be modern and progressive.

“But it will always be about needing each other, regardless of whether the doctor is a girl or a guy or a cat, y’know.”


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