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Binky Felstead says ‘scaremongers’ made her frightened about childbirth

The reality TV star said she was also nervous about leaving the house alone with baby India for the first time.


Binky Felstead (Ian West/PA)

Binky Felstead (Ian West/PA)

Binky Felstead (Ian West/PA)

Made In Chelsea star and new mother Alexandra “Binky” Felstead has spoken about how worried she was to breastfeed in public for the first time, and how “scaremongers” had made her frightened to give birth.

The reality star, 27, who welcomed her first child, India, with boyfriend Josh “JP” Paterson, last month, said she was also concerned about leaving the house alone with their baby.

The couple’s first days as parents are being documented in a spin-off show, Born In Chelsea.

Cradling her daughter, Felstead, 27, told ITV’s This Morning: “There are a lot of scaremongers out there, which I found when I was pregnant.

“You have these mothers who want to scare you or tell you it’s horrific and I was scared but I’m hoping people watch the show and see that it doesn’t need to be terrifying.

“I was lucky with the labour. They said next time you’re pregnant, get into hospital really quickly because you might have a baby in two hours next time, which would be lovely.

“She was a little dream labour and I was lucky.”

Felstead added: “The first show went down so well it’s just very real and you really see crying and my first outing with India on my own, which for all mothers is terrifying.

“You can’t leave the house in two minutes anymore and he (Paterson) wasn’t with me and I thought ‘God, what if she has a tantrum and there is nothing to do to keep her happy?’ and you have all these people staring at you.

“Even breastfeeding in public is scary; that was really scary for me. It was the first time, I hadn’t done it before and it was all those real emotions and real things you will see.”

Felstead said filming the spin-off is far more of an “intimate” experience than filming Made In Chelsea.

She said: “It’s only two camera people and we got on really well.

“With Made In Chelsea it was a big crew, you couldn’t just have people jumping in the car with you with a little camera, it was so much easier (on Born In Chelsea).

Asked if the couple have plans to marry any time soon, Felstead said: “I think we will just focus on the baby for now.”

Gesturing to Paterson, she added: “Ask this one.”

Her boyfriend replied: “It’s hot in here!”

Born In Chelsea continues on E4 on Sundays at 9pm.