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Binoche: I don't like taking orders

Juliette Binoche has admitted she doesn't like being told what to do by directors.

The Oscar-winning actress - who filmed intimate scenes in Polish director Malgoshka Szumowska's new French drama - told The Independent she can get irritated by direction.

Juliette said: "I think I'm very patient and always willing to try things. If I have resistance sometimes it's because I see a director who's freaking out and wants to have control and they tell me, 'You're going to lift your face like this, you're going to do this...' No! Don't tell me that, just let me live it."

She added: "But [Michael] Haneke is also very precise and I've made two films with him... although the second time [Hidden] he was so controlling, I didn't like it at all."

The English Patient star said she has chosen not to make movies in America as she does not want to become part of Hollywood.

She said: "I chose to stay in Europe and work with a lot of foreign directors. I could have moved to America but I didn't because I like independence, I don't like being in a system."


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