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Blair: Mum hated Blue Ruin beard

Blue Ruin star Macon Blair has revealed he was under pressure to finish the movie because his mother wanted him to shave off the grizzly beard he grew for the role.

Macon and friend Jeremy Saulnier, who wrote and directed the film, became the toast of Hollywood last year after the low-budget thriller proved a hit with critics, scooping the International Federation of Film Critics honour at the Cannes Film Festival.

Macon stars as mysterious outsider Dwight, who lives in his car and is on a mission to take revenge on the people who murdered his parents.

Macon revealed: "My wife was fine with it, but I certainly did my fair share of complaining , because it was so hot where we were filming I was ready to get it off.

"But my younger brother had a wedding coming up and so my mother was exerting a lot of pressure on Jeremy to get the movie shot and done before the wedding so I could shave the beard off.

"I think once it was gone everyone was just glad that I wasn't gonna complain about it any more."

The script was specifically written to be as low budget as possible so that the pair could fund the movie themselves, after failing to get backing for all their previous films.

But Macon admitted even he hadn't expected Blue Ruin to be the hit it was.

He said: "I have been delighted and surprised and amazed.

"My life has continued the same as before in that I'm working on scripts and going to auditions. T here's definitely bigger opportunities and the projects that Jeremy and I are working on have a little bit more resources behind them now and more people are interested in working with us maybe. But lifestyle wise it's very much the same."

And the pair are working on a new thriller called Green Room, written and directed by Jeremy and co-produced by Macon.

He revealed: "It's got Jeremy's signature style but it's much more action-packed, and it's bigger and it's got a bigger cast and it's pretty crazy.

"They're getting ready to make some announcement about casting pretty soon."

Blue Ruin is out on DVD now.


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