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Blake gets up close and personal

Blake Harrison has admitted that filming some of the scenes in The Inbetweeners movie made him cringe.

Blake, 25, Simon Bird, 26, Joe Thomas, 27, and James Buckley, 23, who play schoolfriends Neil, Will, Simon and Jay in the hit TV show, star in the spin-off movie about a lads' holiday.

The actor revealed to FHM magazine: "There are some awkward situations where I have to get up close with an older, more mature lady in ways I never thought I would."

He confessed: "It's been pretty cringey to shoot. They really wanted a grotesque shot so it had to be really up close. She was wearing protective underwear and over the top she had a pair of knickers that I had to have my hand down.

"It was pretty horrible, although in a way once you've done it once in rehearsal you both sort of say,''Well this is going to happen' and there's no hiding from it, so you just do it and you know it'll be a funny moment."

The movie, which is released on August 19, was shot on location in Magaluf in Majorca and Joe had to practise his diving skills for when he jumps off a boat.

He said: "I had to do a lot of dive training. In fact, they've probably lavished more attention on me than they should, considering there's an Olympics coming up.

"My dive trainer had won lots of medals and is a top Olympic trainer. Really he should be honing the skills of people better than me! I just wanted not to embarrass myself."


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