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Blake Harrison enjoys darker role


Blake Harrison stars in Keeping Rosy

Blake Harrison stars in Keeping Rosy

Blake Harrison stars in Keeping Rosy

Blake Harrison has said it was a refreshing change to play a darker role.

The Inbetweeners star plays a security guard in new British film Keeping Rosy, a psychological thriller alongside Maxine Peake.

Blake, best known for his role as Neil Sutherland in The Inbetweeners on both the small and the big screen, said: "I've been lucky enough to do bits of theatre that have been in a similar vein, but in terms of film and TV it's a massive departure and that's definitely something I'm interested in doing more of.

"Comedy is something I just fell into - Inbetweeners was the first job I got, I didn't even have an agent at the time."

He said of comparing the movie to The Inbetweeners 2, which is set to open later this summer: "They could not be more different! There's a lot more male genitalia in The Inbetweeners 2 than there is in Keeping Rosy!

"So if male genitalia is your thing, go see The Inbetweeners, but if very clever psychological thrillers are for you, then watch Keeping Rosy. But preferably go and see both."

Blake said of The Inbetweeners: "We said after the first one that was going to be it, and we genuinely believed that, but we've had three years of having fans banging the doors down and the writers saying, 'You have to make another one'. So we've succumbed to the peer pressure.

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"It's brilliant, really, really funny. The crew, who worked on the first film as well, have all said this one's funnier. So let's hope the audience has the same response. We feel it's The Inbetweeners movie we all wanted to make. There are some incredibly cringe-worthy moments..."

:: Keeping Rosy has opened in Manchester, heads to London on June 27 and has a nationwide release from July 15.

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