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Blood star Graham tells of tantrum

Stephen Graham has revealed he had an on-set tantrum when made to stand on a box to film a scene with Paul Bettany.

The actors play brothers in British cop thriller Blood but while Stephen is 5ft 6in, his co-star is 6ft 3in.

At the film's premiere at the BFI London Film Festival, Stephen recalled having to stand on an apple box to bridge the gap.

"They put me on a box once, I wasn't happy about that. I threw most my toys out the pram," he said.

"It's not very nice being asked to stand on an apple box, so it was a funny moment."

The crew had to treat him to make up for it, he said. "I think I got lots of cups of tea that day."

Stephen and Paul, who were already friends before making Blood, shared a flat in Liverpool during filming, along with their driver.

Paul said he was the only one who could cook so he ended up "playing dad".

He said: "My crowning moment was when I brought in some kale from the local supermarket and Stephen went, 'What's that? ... I'm not eating that'.

"By the end of the evening I got him eating dark leafy greens, and he needed them."


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