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BoJack Horseman creator discusses his latest animated series Undone

The animated Amazon Prime Video show stars Rosa Salazar and Bob Odenkirk.

Rosa Salazar stars as a woman with special powers in Amazon series Undone (Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP
Rosa Salazar stars as a woman with special powers in Amazon series Undone (Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

By Keiran Southern, PA Los Angeles Correspondent

The writer behind award-winning adult comedy series BoJack Horseman said his latest show shares similarities with his most famous creation.

Raphael Bob-Waksberg co-created sci-fi drama Undone, which will premiere on Amazon Prime Video later this month.

The series features a young woman – played by Alita: Battle Angel actress Rosa Salazar – who discovers she can travel through time after being involved in a car crash.

Better Call Saul’s Bob Odenkirk stars as her supposedly deceased father.

Undone stars Rosa Salazar as a daughter who begins to investigate her father’s death after discovering she can travel through time (Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Bob-Waksberg said fans of BoJack Horseman – which follows the fortunes of an anthropomorphic horse in Hollywood – will find similarities in Undone.

Speaking at an event in Los Angeles, he told the PA news agency: “I’d say there are certain similarities, as far as the ‘lostness’ of the character, the melancholy, the prickliness, some substance abuse issues, mental health issues.

“But there are no talking animals in the show – that’s the difference.”

In the show, Salazar’s character uses her new-found powers to discover the truth about her father’s death.

The series uses rotoscope animation, a meticulous process whereby artists “draw” over live-action scenes frame by frame to create a vivid visual effect.

Dutch animator Hisko Hulsing oversaw the team behind Undone’s unique visual style (Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

It meant the actors had to perform their scenes on blank sets, with animators drawing in the backgrounds in post-production.

Salazar, whose credits also include Netflix films The Kindergarten Teacher and Bird Box, said it was an enjoyable process for the cast.

Speaking at the PaleyFest TV event, she said: “I’m always looking for new ways to stretch the boundaries of my craft and what I’m capable of in the ways of storytelling.

“So it was wonderful. It was like black box theatre. You have a very limited surroundings, limited props. It’s very stripped down, it’s all about that moment.

“I really really enjoyed it. It also works you to the bone. They got their money’s worth.”

Undone premieres on September 13.



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