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Bond seen faking death in new film

James Bond will be seen faking his own death in the action-packed forthcoming movie Skyfall.

And newly released footage shows that the action hero - played by Daniel Craig - will once again utter the immortal line "Bond, James Bond".

A new trailer for the Sam Mendes-directed film to be released later this year shows the movie will feature a London Tube crash and an explosion on the MI6 building. The renowned womaniser will also be seen in a steamy clinch in a shower during the new movie.

During the trailer M - played by Dame Judi Dench - appears to be preparing an obituary for 007 as she sits in her rain-lashed office in London, pondering: "What do you say about a man like that?"

Moments later actress Naomie Harris is seen taking aim through a rifle sight as Bond grapples on the roof of a speeding train, with M telling her to "take the bloody shot". Daniel then plunges hundreds of feet from a viaduct into a river below after being shot.

M goes on to view a row of coffins draped with Union Flags but Commander Bond returns to the screen by telling his boss: "Commander Bond reporting for duty." Dame Judi responds: "Where the hell have you been?"

It will not be the first time Bond has apparently died in the plot of one of the films. In You Only Live Twice he fakes his death to go undercover.

In Skyfall, the agent is seen in conversation with the film's villain, played by Javier Bardem.

Bond tells him "everybody needs a hobby", with Bardem asking: "So what's yours?" Daniel - starring in his third movie - answers: "Resurrection."

Skyfall is to be released in the UK on October 26.


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