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Borgen star 'flipped' on film set

Borgen actor Pilou Asbaek has revealed he got so lost in the moment while filming one scene of his new film, A Hijacking, that he tried to punch his co-star and ended up in hospital.

The actor who is known for his role as Kasper Juul in the Danish political TV drama, plays cook Mikkel Hartmann in the new film about a crew whose ship is kidnapped by Somali pirates.

While filming one scene, where his character is able to call his wife for the first time in months, Pilou admitted his emotions took over and he "flipped", before ending up injured in hospital.

"The most intense scene was the time I get to call my wife. At one point this guy points a gun at my neck and then Omar, who is the negotiator, says 'tell your wife they need to pay 50 million or they are going to kill you'.

"We did two takes and I flipped."

Pilou, who was supposed to cry and do nothing at the end of the scene, admits he became so encapsulated in the drama it felt like the events were happening in real life.

"I went mental and tried to hit Omar. They knocked me down, I hit my head and it started to bleed. We had to cut take and sail the boat in and I had to go to hospital."

And while the scene was only meant to be a rehearsal, it ended up as the clip that made it into the film.

A Hijacking reunites Pilou with director Tobias Lindholm, who he worked with before on the film R: Hit First, Hit Hardest, and on Borgen where Tobias was a writer.

The film is released on May 10.


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