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Bosworth on finding husband on set

Kate Bosworth and her husband Michael Polish have opened up about falling in love with each other on the set of Big Sur.

The couple met while filming the Jack Kerouac adaptation, where Kate was acting and Michael was directing, and told Vulture it was love at first sight.

Asked how long it took to realise they were acting differently around each other than they normally would at work, Michael said: "Oh my god. Seconds. It took seconds."

Kate added: "There's that old cliche: When you know, you know. And I was always quite frustrated by this cliche, thinking, 'Argh, but how do you really know?' And it's very true. It's a truism."

She continued: "There was never anything superficial. It was an immediate acknowledgment of knowing this person all my life, versions of him, immediately."

Michael agreed that he had instantly known Kate was who he would end up with.

He revealed: "We have that story of when you see somebody, you're like, 'I'm gonna marry that person.' That's what I said. I said to my first [assistant director]. First scene, first day, I turned to my AD, I said, 'I'm gonna marry that girl'."

Kate said she hadn't realised straight away that her now-husband had thought that. "I didn't know that [at the time]! We'd only said a few words to each other, really," she said.


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