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Boxer Anthony Joshua takes on Bear Grylls mission

Bear Grylls said it was a “privilege” going on a wilderness adventure with the boxer.

Boxing champion Anthony Joshua has stepped out of the ring and into the wild for a special show with Bear Grylls.

The Olympic star, 27, spent two days in the great British outdoors with adventurer Grylls for ITV’s Bear’s Mission With Anthony Joshua.

The show sees Joshua take on a set of challenges after he and Grylls are dropped off along the UK’s coastline.

Bear Grylls

They camp out under the stars and Grylls has plenty of surprises for the boxer.

Grylls said: “Taking a home-grown legend like AJ on such an iconic British journey was such a privilege.

“I’ve had many incredible times with celebrities on Mission Survive, so the chance to take AJ on an adventure was always going to be special.”

He said the Bear’s Mission With… series works well “because we get to see celebrities uncovered, and hear their triumphs and failures, their struggles and motivations, all wrapped around a great journey”.

Amanda Stavri, ITV commissioner for factual entertainment, said viewers can expect “a surprising and entertaining journey of discovery”.

Anthony Joshua

David Harrison, of production company Betty, said: “To see someone at the top of their game around the world tested in a completely alien environment is not to be missed.”

:: The show will air on ITV this autumn.


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