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Brad Bird wants Incredibles sequel

Brad Bird has revealed he would "love" to make a sequel to Oscar-winning animation hit The Incredibles.

The director of Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol confessed that he is cooking up a second outing starring the famous superhero family - which he wrote, directed and starred in - but said he would want to make it as good as the first film.

"I actually have some ideas for it and if I can get them all to gel correctly, I would love to do it, because I love the characters. But for me, there has to be a reason to make it beyond that it would be easy to market," said the Oscar-winning filmmaker.

Brad feels a certain amount of pressure to live up to other Pixar sequels.

"The bar at Pixar is set very high for me because I think that Toy Story sequels are every bit as good as the original. I wouldn't want an Incredibles sequel to be anything less than at least as good as the one I already made," he admitted.

Brad - whose new movie is out now - added: "We'll see what happens but I would have to feel that I nailed the story first."


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