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Braff film campaign rakes it in

Zach Braff has already raked in a huge amount of the two million dollar budget he needs to raise himself for new film Wish I Was Here.

Scrubs star Zach is desperate to make the film which he co-wrote with his brother Adam and wants to star in and direct, but couldn't get funding, according to Deadline.

Zach, 38, who previously starred in and directed Garden State, launched a kickstarter campaign to raise two million dollars in 30 days but won't get any of the cash unless he can raise the full amount or more in that time. After just half a day he had secured 1,045,785 dollars.

Wish I Was Here is the story of a man who's never found his purpose in life but begins to home school his kids in his own unique way.

Zach said in his campaign appeal: "I am often asked by my fans or by the press when I am promoting films in which I've acted, 'Why haven't you directed another film since Garden State?' The truth is, it's very hard to get small, personal films made without sacrificing some aspect of your artistic integrity.

"Social media has begun to give content creators a chance to appeal directly to their fan base and say, 'I wanna make something for you, but I'm gonna need your help.'

"The supporters of mine across the globe who back this film project will not only get to see something that wouldn't have been made otherwise, but they'll get to do so knowing they made it happen."

Producer Stacey Sher who worked on Garden State, Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained, Get Shorty and Out Of Sight is also signed up to the film.

She told Deadline: "To me, what Zach is doing is courageous, but who he is at heart is a humble guy who makes small personal independent films. Nobody has ever taken out this high-profile a film that wasn't a sequel, so there is a risk here."

Recently a kickstarter campaign for Veronica Mars the movie aimed to find two million dollars but actually ended up raising over five million.


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