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Braff: Kickstarters made my movie

Zach Braff has hailed his Kickstarter backers at the premiere of his new movie, saying without them it would never have been made.

The actor-director's new indie comedy Wish I Was Here comes a decade after his feature directorial debut Garden State, and he admits it is all thanks to the fans who gave their financial backing through the funding platform.

Zach attended the movie's premiere at the Director's Guild of America Theatre Complex in Los Angeles with co-stars Ashley Greene, Joey King, Pierce Gagnon, Jim Parsons and Donald Faison, as well as older brother and co-writer Adam Braff and his family.

Zach told the Hollywood Reporter that without the financial help from his fans: "I wouldn't have had final cut and I would've waited."

In Wish I Was Here, which he co-wrote, directed and produced, Zach stars as a struggling actor and family man forced to re-evaluate his career, his home life and his spirituality.

He called the film a labour of love, admitting that it simply "wouldn't have been made" without his devoted Kickstarter backers.

"This ain't my first rodeo," he said. "I've been to test screenings for movies and I've seen how corporations tweak these movies, based on those test scores, against the director's will. That wasn't going to happen with this movie."

Adam admitted he had doubts about using Kickstarter, saying: "Honestly, I was concerned for my brother, since it was his gamble. To take your brand online like that worried me."

Kickstarter backers who pledged 1,500 US dollars (£884) or more visited the set during the shooting of Wish I Was Here in LA.

Zach gushed how cool it was "to see a grip explaining something to a fan, or Kate Hudson talking to them about her wireless microphone. For those of us who spend our lives on set, it was so fun sharing that with people who love movies."

Twilight star Ashley said of working with the fans during one of the scenes at Comic-Con: "It was fun to be on the other side and see how things work."


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