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Bran Stark star refuses to rule out Hodor returning as a White Walker

Isaac Hempstead-Wright said it was “upsetting” to lose his co-star from the set.

Game Of Thrones star Isaac Hempstead-Wright has refused to reveal whether the show’s underdog hero Hodor will return.

In series six of the hit HBO show, Hodor, portrayed by Kristian Nairn, saves Hempstead-Wright’s character, Bran Stark, from the White Walkers by barricading the door.

Since the episode aired rumours circulated Nairn would return as a White Walker in season seven, which begins on Monday.

Bran Stark in Game Of Thrones series seven (Helen Sloan/HBO)

Hempstead-Wright, 18, said it was “upsetting to lose Kristian from the set who had been my closest companion”.

Asked if this meant the actor would not be returning, the young actor replied: “Well I didn’t say that.”

Nairn has previously told the Belfast Telegraph: “As a fan I’m not sure I would love that, but as an actor I would absolutely love that and it would be so much fun to play.

“But I kind of think it’s nice the way it’s left, there have been enough rebirth moments in Game Of Thrones.”

Hodor and Bran in series two (HBO Enterprises)

On what the penultimate season has in store for Bran, Hempstead-Wright said: “It’s not looking good.

“Bran is categorically not ready for the position he is in but he has to be because Bran’s destiny is to impart this information that he’s been shown.

“So at the end of season 6 he really kind of needs to reevaluate and keep a very level head.”

:: Game Of Thrones Season 7 premieres on July 17 on Sky Atlantic and Now TV at 2am, repeated at 9pm the same day.


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