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Brand: I want kids with wife Katy

Russell Brand seems ready to have babies with wife Katy Perry

"I do want to have kids, I've made an investment now," the actor admitted at the Los Angeles premiere of his new family-friendly film Hop.

"We'll take our time but I'm very excited about the possibility."

The comedian revealed how he'd enjoyed voicing the Easter Bunny in the animated movie and making kids laugh.

"It was really, really brilliant," he explained. "I love hanging around with children, their innocent laughter filling the air ... but then one of 'em will pick its nose and you think 'urgh not yet!'."

Russell seemed a hit with his young fans, attracting loud screams and spending plenty of time taking photos with those who had gathered to catch a glimpse of him at Universal Studios.

He made the crowd laugh at one point by lifting one little boy over the barrier and pretending to walk off with him under his arm.

The 35-year-old described children as "the best crowd" to perform for.

"They only laugh when it's funny," he said.


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