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Brand: Shakespeare like Eminem

Russell Brand has compared Shakespeare to rap artists Eminem and Lil Wayne.

The eccentric comic was full of praise for the Bard as he premiered his new big screen version of The Tempest in Hollywood, in which he stars alongside Dame Helen Mirren.

"The language is amazing," he explained.

"Do you know what it's like? It's like Slim Shady (Eminem's alter-ego) or Lil Wayne," the 35-year-old insisted.

He added: "It's proper people that understand language and have good flow - Shakespeare had good flow!"

In the movie, directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Julie Taymor, Russell plays the jester Trinculo. "I love the humour, there are some funny bits in this movie I think," he told reporters.

Russell has struck up quite a friendship with Dame Helen with the pair continuing to work together for the remake of Dudley Moore's Arthur. "It's like Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, we're trapped," he joked on the red carpet.

"I think we'll be a double act for all perpetuity, we're like Danny Glover and Mel Gibson - I'm Danny Glover," he teased.

Russell also talked about how his former drug habit interfered the last time he performed Shakespeare. "When I was at drama school I did Macbeth," Russell explained. "Good it was, but I took too much amphetamines and was drunk so it affected my performance."

The 35-year-old joked how he hadn't strictly used a 'method' approach to getting into character. "Oh, I was using methods - methadone acting I use!" he joked.


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