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Brand to star as Worzel Gummidge?

Russell Brand is apparently in talks to star as scarecrow Worzel Gummidge in a new movie adaptation of the children's story.

The ITV show about the talking scarecrow, starring Doctor Who's John Pertwee and Una Stubbs as his love interest Aunt Sally, was a big hit in the 1980s.

Hollywood producer Patrick Pidgeon told The Daily Star he is keen to remake the show for the big screen with a modern twist and thinks Russell, 36, would be perfect for the role.

He said: "The actor who plays Worzel doesn't have to look like John Pertwee.

"I want to come up with a new way of how the character became Worzel. And maybe we could take him out of a rural setting into a Victorian town."

Patrick, who is also working on a movie version of 80s TV series Rentaghost starring Ben Stiller, said of Worzel Gummidge: "It's had zero exposure here. You're pitching it and they have a blank look on their faces.

"But I'm talking to writers and trying to reboot it. I want to completely reimagine the story."


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