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Brangelina go Malta scene scouting

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been on a location scouting trip to Malta, reportedly for the first film they will work on together in 10 years.

The stars jetted off to the island and neighbouring Gozo for just 36 hours according to the Daily Mail, a trip thought to be connected to a film Angelina says she has written for fiance Brad.

Last time they worked together on screen, 10 years ago, was for Mr And Mrs Smith, the film that led to them getting together as a couple.

After arriving in Malta by private jet, they took a chartered yacht over to Gozo and were seen taking boats out to various locations and climbing steps and bridges to take in the landscape.

Recently, Angelina told USA Today about the film she had written for Brad: "It could happen. But it will be a small movie. I wrote something we've talked about maybe doing together. Something little and experimental. (John) Cassavetes-style. We have everything we need if we choose to do it. We're really considering it."


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