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Brexit: The Movie in the works at Warner Bros

Studio bosses want to meet with Nigel Farage ahead of Trump's inauguration

Warner Bros is reportedly lining up a big screen version of the Brexit campaign.

The source material is said to be memoir The Bad Boys of Brexit by Arron Banks, the co-founder of the successful campaign which saw Britain leave the EU in June.

Banks' spokesperson Andy Wigmore told The Telegraph: “We have had some very serious Hollywood people in touch with us who are going to buy the rights to the book. They want to buy the option on it.”

The studio behind the Harry Potter franchise wants to meet with Banks and Nigel Farage when they land in the US later this month for president-elect Donald Trump's inauguration.

Banks' memoir charts the car salesman's efforts in campaigning against the EU following his decision to donate £1million to the UK Independence Party.

The unexpectedly popular book's blurb reads as follows:

"From a David Brent-style office on an industrial estate in the south-west, Banks masterminded an extraordinary social media campaign against the tyrannies of Brussels that became a mass movement for Brexit. He tore up the political rule book, sinking £8 million of his personal fortune into a madcap campaign targeting ordinary voters up and down the country.

"His anti-establishment crusade upset everyone from Victoria Beckham to Nasa and left MPs open-mouthed. When his rabble-rousing antics landed him in hot water, he simply redoubled his efforts to wind up the targets. Lurching from comedy to crisis (often several times a day), he found himself in the glare of the media spotlight, fending off daily bollockings from Nigel Farage and po-faced MPs."

Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron spoke candidly about the plans, stating: “It promises to be a horror flick found in the bargain bins.”

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