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Bride's horror as fiancé arranges bumper car wedding: 'I don't want to do this... what the f**k? I want to walk down the aisle'

A bride was left in tears after she discovered that her fiance had arranged for them to tie the knot in bumper cars.

On the latest episode of Don't Tell The Bride, a hapless groom tried to impress his bride-to-be with a quirky wedding theme.

Lawrence 'Loz' Hollins (36) said he "really wanted to impress" his fiance Kloe (25) with a fairground ceremony.

But the mother-of-one was shocked to discover that he planned for them to head down the aisle in bumper cars, especially as she had been hoping for a beach wedding in Mallorca.

Kloe threatened to cancel the wedding when she heard about his plans.

"I don't want to do this. Why has he done this? What the f**k?" she said through tears as the funfair theme was revealed.

"I'm not doing it, I am not getting in that car. I want to walk down the aisle."

Loz told friends he'd chosen a fairground theme because it was at a fair on Bonfire Night that he'd realised she was the girl he wanted to marry.

Earlier in the episode Kloe had admitted that she was worried Loz would "turn our wedding into a joke".

Her groom had organised for their immediate family to be seated in bumper cars for the ceremony while other guests would stand on the sidelines.

It made for awkward viewing as attendees watched the bride's face crumple into despair as she realised she wasn't going to get the dream wedding she had hoped for.

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Loz looked uncomfortable as he waited to see if Kloe would have a change of heart and 'drive' up the aisle as he'd planned.

"He's gone for something stupid. It's the bumper cars!" she sobbed as her mother and bridesmaids tried to reassure her.

Kloe had already compromised with Loz by wearing the dress he had picked out for her, even though it wasn't to her liking.

She wanted a Grecian-style gown that was "simple and elegant" and burst into tears when she was presented with a form-fitting dress with a fishtail skirt.

Don't Tell The Bride is on Sky One at 9pm, Thursdays.

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