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Bridges wants Last Picture Show

Jeff Bridges reckons it's about time to do the third instalment of The Last Picture Show.

The Oscar-winning actor's first major role was as Duane Jackson in the 1971 drama, which he received an Academy Award for - he later reprised the part for Texasville in 1990.

"You know what one thing I would like to do is revisit the Last Picture Show sagas," he said.

The films, which also starred Cybill Shepherd and Timothy Bottoms and were directed by Peter Bogdanovich, were based on Larry McMurtry's novels, and there are five books in the series.

"We made the sequel to The Last Picture Show, Texasville, 20 years later and now it's been 20 years since Texasville, so I think it's about time to pick up those other books. I would love to start the next batch," Jeff continued.

"Larry McMurtry, one of the greatest writers in America, has written three other books exploring the same characters, and they haven't been turned into films. That's the one I am most interested in."

Jeff can next be seen in Tron: Legacy and the Coen brother's True Grit alongside Matt Damon.

:: Tron: Legacy opens in cinemas on December 17, while True Grit is released on January 14, 2011.


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