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Brie Larson: I left myself behind

Brie Larson has revealed how she had to leave her life behind and "enter another place" for her role in new movie Short Term 12.

The 21 Jump Street actress stars as Grace, a supervisor at a foster care facility, who is battling her own personal demons while trying to care for the disturbed children in her charge.

Brie explained: "That stuff is a strange thing and is almost impossible to talk about, but there is something that happens when you get up in the morning and you leave your house and your family and your dog and you leave everything that you know and almost enter into another place ."

The critically acclaimed film is written and directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, based on his own experience doing volunteer work in such a facility.

The story sees Grace trying to help a troubled teenager who has just arrived at the facility and they bond over a love of sketching. Brie revealed drawing helped her focus on the dark place her character had to go to.

She explained: "I love drawing but I like more geometrical stuff, and I love doing typography. So that's what I was doing, the perfect thing for me to do in between waiting for the next take was I'd just sit there and draw out new fonts, just draw the letter 'A' over and over again.

"I'm sure to anybody else I looked like a crazy person with little bits of paper strewn about with the alphabet written over and over again! But it's kind of the perfect methodical and still creative thing to keep my mind working but doesn't take me out of it."

And the actress became very attached to her younger co-stars

She said: "The kids were just... I just loved them, every single one of them. They're just incredible and funny and so smart and talented and we had really great group. And I felt they brought a wonderful lightness. I miss them and I miss palling around with them, it was a great time."

:: Short Term 12 is released in cinemas on Friday November 1 2013.


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