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Britney Spears to judge X Factor twins John and Edward

Pop princess Britney Spears will be checking out the dubious vocals and cheeky charm of Ireland's X Factor twins John and Edward Grimes (18), aka Jedward.

The sexy starlet is this week being sent a clip of the Lucan lads strutting their stuff in their tight red leather outfits as they sing one of her best-known hits -- Oops! I Did It Again -- to an audience of more than 10 million.

Programme choreographer Brian Fieldman, who has worked with the world-famous star, has decided to send her a copy of the boys' performance, so she can check out their inimitable moves for herself.

"It's a beautiful homage," he said. "Britney will definitely love them -- they're two strange, somewhat masculine, versions of her."

Despite all the odds, Louis Walsh's youngsters have managed to stay in the competition for another week after shockingly topping the voters' poll last weekend thanks to their rendition of Ricky Martin's She Bangs.

The pair have now sparked a 'like them or loathe them' debate in cyberspace, attracting fans and critics in equal measure as they manage to stay in the hit contest.

Even show producer Simon Cowell, who described them as "vile creatures" and said it would be a disaster if they won the show, is unable to pinpoint their massive popularity.

Yet as the twins revealed to the Herald, all the criticism will only fuel their determination even more after the live studio audience boo-ed them during the results show last Sunday.

They said it "doesn't bother them" when people say they can't sing and Simon slags them off on TV.

"All that only makes us work harder and want to prove ourselves even more. If you only get good comments, it doesn't make you work harder whereas if they say negative things about us, it only make us more determined," said Edward.

"We're only 18 and we're only trying to follow our dream we don't care if people hate us, they're only wasting their time. "

The pair have now gone from 100/1 to win the competition to just 16/1, head of rivals Lloyd Daniels and Rachel Adedeji.

This week, Louis leapt to the twins' defence, saying that people were too quick to judge them: "Pop music is not just about singing - Kylie, Robbie Williams, neither of them can sing. And at least the twins are singing live, unlike some of the people at the top of the charts."

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