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Brolin: I didn't want to offend

Josh Brolin has revealed how he tried not to insult the family of the policeman he plays in Gangster Squad.

The 44-year-old, who plays LAPD sergeant John O'Mara in Ruben Fleischer's crime drama, took steps not to offend the daughter of John O'Meara with his portrayal of her father.

"You don't want to insult the family at all because his name is John O'Meara," said the True Grit actor.

"I think we came up with an interesting enough character that people respond to that. Hopefully she feels proud that there is some connection between what I created and her father."

Josh visited John's daughter in order to get a better understanding of the man who fought back against the Mafia in the 40s and 50s.

"It was great from one perspective, and uncomfortable from another because you are representing somebody, but it's hard to tell them that not only are you not that person, nor can you be that person exactly because there is not enough footage on the person so this is a rendition of the person," he explained.

The Milk star also tried to learn about the era from his father TV director James Brolin, who refused to tell him any stories until a visit to the Gangster Squad set.

"He started telling me all these stories," he recalled.

"They didn't help me in the movie, but it was just great to listen to because it was obvious to me that there was an innocence that he missed of back then that doesn't exist any more. And it was neat just to hear stories from my dad."

:: Gangster Squad is in cinemas now.


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