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Brolin's drunk Lee Jones impression

Josh Brolin has confessed he got the part in Men In Black 3 because he once performed a drunken Tommy Lee Jones impression for director Barry Sonnenfeld in a bar.

The No Country For Old Men star revealed he once entertained Barry and the Coen brothers with his impersonation of Tommy, so when Barry needed an actor to play a young Agent K, he knew exactly who to call.

Josh revealed: "Barry was like, 'Hey, Brolin! You want to be in Men In Black? It's fun!' And I was like, 'Yeah, I love Men In Black. But as what? Like, Agent Q or Agent Whatever?' And Barry said, 'No, to play young Tommy! Remember, you did that impression for me?'

"There's one thing about being out at a bar with Barry and doing stupid impressions of Tommy Lee Jones with the Coens, and then there's another thing where somebody's telling you to do a movie that's going to be screening all over the planet."

The 44-year-old actor revealed he holed up at a Mexican hotel practicing his Agent K routine syllable by syllable, eventually going out to restaurants there and speaking like a young Tommy.

"Then, once I felt like I had conquered Mexico, I could come back to California and try it on a few people here, see if that worked, then try it on my friends," he recalled. "Then I'd go through half days of doing nothing but Tommy."

Barry also recalled the original night of drunken impressions.

He joked: "What I remember, is, oh my God, this man is the only person on the planet that has a head as physically as huge as Tommy Lee Jones."


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