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Brosnan keen on film bond with son

Pierce Brosnan plans to star alongside his son on the big screen, with the pair playing the same character.

The Mamma Mia! star said that he wanted to work with Sean, 29, on the film adaptation of the thriller The Ghosts Of Belfast, set in the aftermath of the Troubles.

Pierce, 59, is expected to play a former IRA hitman in the movie, with his son taking the role of his character's younger self.

The former James Bond actor told the Radio Times that the film, Last Man Out, is "about a man released from prison who has to deal with the venom of the past and Sean will play my character as a young man. So, if we can make it happen, I'd obviously love the chance of working with my boy."

He added: "Sean is doing well and he's creating a career for himself. And my son Dylan goes to film school in the summer and makes his own movies.

"You get apprehensive, regardless of what they do. It's part of being a parent. But I embrace their decisions as long as they get an education. If they choose the world of film-making then I'll certainly help them in any way I can. But in the end, they all have to find their own way."

The Irish-born actor, whose first wife, actress Cassandra Harris died aged 43 of ovarian cancer in 1991, is also about to appear as a grieving businessman following the loss of his wife in Love Is All You Need.

The couple had Sean and Pierce adopted Cassandra's daughter Charlotte and son Christopher from a previous marriage.

He told the magazine: "You cannot escape your own life and the experiences, good and bad, when you play certain characters. Losing Cassie to cancer was part of the vocabulary of playing Philip. You draw upon your life when you create a character."

The actor, who is now married to American journalist Keely Shaye Smith, added: "I didn't find it acutely painful because at the same time the story had its own tone and narrative, but there are many emblems in there which I could identify with as a man, as an actor, and that was part of the reason I wanted to do the film."


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