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Browning drawn to damaged roles


Emily Browning admits she is drawn to unstable characters

Emily Browning admits she is drawn to unstable characters

Emily Browning admits she is drawn to unstable characters

Emily Browning has joked her character seems to end up in a mental institution in every film she appears in.

The 25-year-old Australian actress has played a string of mentally unstable characters of late and admitted she finds herself attracted to characters who don't fit in.

The Summer In February star revealed: "I seem to be in some kind of institution in every single film that I do. I've definitely played that kind of character before, the girl who's slowly losing her mind.

"I never pick something based on the genre, I just read a script and if I love it I want to be a part of it.

It's not really intentional but I just tend to be drawn to these characters that don't quite fit into regular society. And I always found those characters slightly more interesting."

In her upcoming films Shangri-La Suite and God Help The Girl, Emily plays characters in rehabilitation centres. So in new thriller Magic Magic, Emily was relieved to be cast as a fairly normal person, while Juno Temple played her cousin, who was going crazy.

Emily said: "It was interesting to be on the outside of that in Magic Magic. To be the character who's watching, because I'm so used to being that girl who's losing it. It was nice, actually it was a bit of a relief.

"I remember when Juno and I first read the script, Sebastian [SIlva the director] wasn't sure who he wanted in which role and I remember thinking 'I think it's better if Juno plays Alicia, I think it's good that I'm not the crazy person in every single film that I do!'."

Emily is also due to star in Pompeii, directed by Paul WS Anderson and co-starring Game Of Thrones hunk Kit Harrington.

She revealed: "That's very different. It's a big blockbuster-y film. It's a love story set in the last few days of Pompeii before Mount Vesuvius erupts.

"So it's an epic action romance disaster film, with lots of explosions and gladiators and swords and boys with their shirts off, so it's lots of fun."

:: Magic Magic is released in cinemas and on Virgin Movies from April 18, and on DVD from April 28, 2014.