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Bruhl: Hemsworth too buff for F1

Chris Hemsworth is so well built he struggled to squeeze into the cockpits of Formula 1 racing cars for new movie Rush.

The Thor star plays Formula One driver James Hunt in the film about Niki Lauda's comeback battle to win the 1976 World Championship in Japan after surviving a catastrophic crash.

Daniel, who plays Niki in the film, revealed to Empire: "It was really funny watching Thor trying to squeeze himself into the tiny cockpits of the cars."

The German actor also revealed how he feared for his live when one of his tyres burst while he was training on a race track for the film.

He recalled: "I wasn't in control, and there were three or four seconds where I thought, 'Oh no, s***! This is it. I'm not going to do the movie.'

"But afterwards it was quite funny. I took it as a good omen, I thought 'well I have crashed too, so I am Niki now'."


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