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Bruni's sister only woman director

Carla Bruni's sister Valeria Bruni Tedeschi is the only woman among the 20 directors competing for Cannes' Palme d'Or this year.

Her film A Castle In Italy focuses on a Franco-Italian clan facing the loss of its crumbling mansion, its art treasures and possibly its future.

Valeria, who stars and co-wrote the script, incorporated many elements of her own family's life into the story, including her brother's Aids-related death. She cast her mother, Marisa Borini, as the mother of her character, Louise, and her ex-partner Louis Garrel as Louise's younger lover.

The director said using her own life and family members in her work was natural. She said: "For me, work is a form of therapy. It helps me sleep better at night. I think work protects us from what might be a psychodrama."

Marisa said being directed by her daughter was no different to working with any other film-maker. She said; "I viewed it as work. When Valeria said to me cry, I cried. When she said laugh, I laughed. Dance, I danced."


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