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Bullock: I wanted to get over fears

Sandra Bullock has revealed how she had to overcome her fear of flying to star in space thriller Gravity.

The Proposal actress admitted she chose to do Alfonso Cuaron's film with good friend George Clooney so she could get over her aerophobia.

"I'm definitely afraid of flying. It's one of my greatest fears so I thought it was maybe time to just get over that fear," she said at the Toronto International Film Festival.

"To be out of your comfort zone, I learnt on this, just unlocks things that scare you, frustrate you, make you so insecure but it also forces you to dig very deep. When this came along, it scared me on every single level, primarily because it was going to be shot in the 'vomit comet' - a plane that plummets out of the sky to achieve weightlessness. And I'm grateful we didn't do it that way. I loved it - but not when we were doing it."

The film was partly shot in Pinewood and Shepperton Studios.

Sandra - who revealed she has "no desire to go into space" - continued: "I missed being in the sun, being with my son, being with people and having communication. It was lonely."

The 49-year-old worked out for months to achieve a "less feminine" look for her character, Doctor Ryan Stone.

"Physically, I wanted her to look a certain way. I wanted, as much as I could in a healthy way, remove what she looked like as a woman or what reminded her of being motherly, so her body was like a machine," she explained.

"I appreciate not being in my comfort zone because that means I've gotten away from myself as far as possible. If I was to play myself, it would be so boring for an audience."


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