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Bullock to star in Tupperware film

Sandra Bullock is to star in the Tupperware movie.

The Oscar-winning actress is attached to take the leading role of businesswoman Brownie Wise in the film, which Tate Taylor is to direct, said The Hollywood Reporter.

The role would mark the first official role the 49-year-old has taken on since her Oscar nomination this year for her performance in Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity. She previously won an Academy Award for her role in The Blind Side.

Tate, who previously directed The Help, wrote the script for the Sony project, which is based on Tupperware Unsealed, Bob Kealing's true-life story about the Tupperware marketing guru.

Originally developed by Earl Silas Tupper, the innovative plastic containers took off in the 1950s when sales executive Brownie created the idea of Tupperware parties. Those gatherings, which swept the nation, ensured her success and she became the first woman to appear on the cover of Businessweek in 1954.

But Brownie's popularity saw her clashing with Earl, who eventually pushed her out in 1958 and tried to erase her from the company records. After her ousting, she fell off the corporate ladder.

Sandra will next be heard in Minions, where she will voice super-villainness Scarlet Overkill in the 2015 animated film.


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