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Butler hails 'relevant' Coriolanus

Ralph Fiennes' modern adaptation of Coriolanus is "Shakespeare's Hurt Locker", Gerard Butler has said.

The Hollywood action man stars alongside Ralph in a big screen version of Shakespeare's tale of warfare, riots and political corruption, which marks Ralph's directorial debut.

Gerard compared it to the Oscar-winning war film at a special screening at the Curzon cinema in London's Mayfair.

He said: "I know it would be a cliche but it really is The Hurt Locker. It's Shakespeare's Hurt Locker. That's what it's like."

He added: "It's set in modern day and feels so relevant with what the story's about. All that dialogue's been taken out and you find yourself completely engrossed."

The Scottish star revealed that his first professional engagement as an actor had been in Coriolanus. He said: "It's true I'm not known for Shakespeare but it felt like a challenge."

Ralph attended the screening with Vanessa Redgrave, who gives an impressive performance as his mother, Volumnia. He plays Roman general Coriolanus and battles on screen with Gerard as his sworn enemy, Tullus Aufidius.

Gerard said: "It was animal between us and we quickly got rid of a lot of the choreography of the fight and just went for it. As if you could rip out somebody's eyes and put your fist down their throat and rip out their lungs.

"It was some of the hardest filming I've done in a long time but it was kind of cool to be doing that with Ralph Fiennes."

Ralph said of battling Gerard: "He is very big. He was bigger and stronger than me, so it was tough. But I survived."


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