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Butler's emotional Preacher journey

Gerard Butler has revealed his new film Machine Gun Preacher contains his most personal role yet.

The Scottish star plays former bad boy-turned-preacher and defender of Sudanese orphans Sam Childers in the harrowing drama, which had a special screening at Bafta in London.

"I really had to take myself to places that I had never been before," he said.

"It's the film that I've been most involved in as well. It's just been a marathon. Every day was epic."

Gerard made a trip to Pennsylvania to spend time with the Childers family to prepare for Machine Gun Preacher, which will be released on November 2, and the scenes in Africa were emotionally wrenching for the actor.

"I'm sitting with my folders of visual aids, images from Sudan of kids burned, people hacked up, babies... Sometimes I would think, I can't do this again," he admitted.

"It was a hard movie to make, but it's the hard ones that pay off big."


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