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Caine chose name from film poster

Sir Michael Caine has recalled how he chose his stage name at random from a cinema billboard in London's Leicester Square.

The 81-year-old acting legend, who has been in over 100 films, was born Michael White, but had to change his moniker as there was already an actor working under that name.

Sir Michael revealed as he looked up at the cinema at the premiere of his new film Interstellar: "I took my name from this board here, this is the Odeon Leicester Square.

"I was in a telephone booth over there and my agent said, 'You've got a job, you've got to change your name'.

"My name was Michael White. She said, You can use Michael but there's another Michael White, you've got to change it.

"And I thought, 'Oh God', and I looked out and The Caine Mutiny was on here with my favourite actor Humphrey Bogart. So she said, 'What do you want as a surname?' and I said, 'Caine C A I N E.' And here I am."

He joked: "Over there was 101 Dalmatians, you wouldn't want to do autographs with that!"

Sir Michael recently said he was thinking about retiring but he has just signed up to reprise his role as Arthur Tressler in Now You See Me 2.

He said: "I retire every six months and then I come back again. What it is, is I get great scripts.

"Paolo Sorrentino, who won the Academy Award for best foreign film with The Great Beauty, he gave me his new film, which is called Youth. And I'm the lead. I'm 81 and it's called Youth!"


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