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Cam: Leighton is fighting fit!

Cam Gigandet has revealed he was shocked by Leighton Meester's strength in their fight scene for new horror movie The Roommate.

The Gossip Girl star plays a psycho roommate while the Burlesque hunk plays her roommate's boyfriend in the film, and Cam had thought about going easy on Leighton while filming their scrap.

He revealed: "At the beginning of shooting that end scene, I definitely think I was a little more cautious, but then I was like 'Wait a sec they are totally going balls to the wall, I'm throwing down' - and I still got knocked out."

But the macho man insisted Leighton couldn't actually beat him in a fight.

He added: "As intimidating as Leighton is, I'm pretty sure she could never knock me out... but she definitely gives it a good go."

And Cam admitted Leighton was so good at playing the creepy character, he started to feel scared of her even when they weren't filming.

He confessed: "By the end of the movie I was thinking 'I wonder if Leighton is like that in real life?'

"Because she doesn't go so far in the other direction when the cameras aren't rolling to be so nice, she's still in character I guess, to a point and so throughout the whole movie you're just 'I bet she is a psycho' but of course she's not. But those eyes definitely tell a story.

"She intimidated me from day one. So I was like 'She's perfect for this, I must stay away from her...'"

The Roommate is released in cinemas on Friday April 15, 2011.


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