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Cameron Crowe on We Bought A Zoo

Cameron Crowe has said that he'd like his latest film We Bought A Zoo to be considered a companion piece to Alexander Payne's The Descendants.

The film stars Matt Damon as a bereaved husband who decides with his children to buy and renovate a run-down zoo.

The Jerry Maguire director thinks making the film was about putting "a little joy into the world, coming from grief" and sees a connection between it and The Descendants - which he deeply admires.

He said: "Hopefully in some distant, rainy day future, the two movies live together in some strange way as, like, stage one and stage one and a half."

At the moment he's currently focused on rewriting and honing a number of scripts so that he can "deal from a deck".

"My dream was always to be able to be like a guy like Spike Lee or Woody Allen or Truffaut where one day you can look at all the stuff and they all come together to give you a portrait of a human life, in different stages of it," he said.

"So I'm always looking for what's the next area of life to explore that will help me understand it and bring something universal to other people, too.

"I'll be doing that as long as I can, as long as there's a camera, or a page and a pen."

:: We Bought A Zoo is out in the UK in March next year.


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