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Cameron: I've let Terminator go

James Cameron has revealed he is not heavily involved in the new Terminator film.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker, who created, directed and co-wrote the first two films in the franchise, admitted he doesn't have much interest in the sci-fi series any more.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to star in the fifth instalment, Terminator: Genesis, alongside Jai Courtney, Matt Smith and Emilia Clarke.

"I pay attention to [the upcoming Terminator film] but I'm not terribly concerned about it one-way or the other. I've let it go," Cameron admitted during a Q&A at the Hero Complex Film Festival.

James, who sold the rights to Megan Ellison and her production company Annapurna Pictures, continued: "I felt like I'd told the story I wanted to tell. So I let it go, and in the act of letting it go I now have to live with the consequences of that - which is I can't get too emotionally involved.

"My goal in that was not to insinuate myself artistically, but to try to make sure they stayed true to the Terminator character and the idea of Arnold - he's a friend of mine and we've been through all the wars together - I wanted them to see the possibilities I saw for what they could do with his character."

The 59-year-old also revealed how he once considered making a Spider-Man film.

"I got Carolco Pictures to buy Spider-Man. I was going to launch that as a series of films," he said.

"When Carolco collapsed, those rights were in play and I didn't pursue it because I was on to Titanic and I was doing other things.

"When I was a kid: there were all the superheroes and then there was Spider-Man. So having not gotten Spider-Man, it's not like I'm looking around for the next comic book character."


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