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Cantona: I needed to be in shape

Eric Cantona revealed he underwent extra fight training to perfect his performance of a Paris cop in his new movie Switch.

In the thriller, the French star plays Detective Forgeat, a policeman on the trail of escaped murder suspect Sophie Malaterre, who insists she has been framed. There are plenty of chase scenes in the film, but Cantona wanted to make sure he was an expert fighter too.

He revealed: "I was a bit fit, but I needed training also. But even if there was no action in the movie, I think this character needed to be in good shape because they have to be ready to manipulate guns and this kind of thing.

"I worked with somebody and we simulated chasing somebody and fighting with him. There is not this kind of scene in the movie, but it's important to work on it."

The former Manchester United player - who starred as himself in Ken Loache's Looking For Eric - said he would like to do more acting in British films, and considers himself the "go-to Frenchman".

He said: "I have acted sometimes here. Of course it is easier for me in French, so it's limited because I have got a very strong French accent!"

Cantona laughed: "So when I play here, I always play the Frenchman. In Elizabeth I was the French ambassador, I was a French director. It's always a Frenchman. When they need a Frenchman, they ask me."

:: Switch is released in cinemas on Friday March 30.


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