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Carell vows not to 'play it safe'

Steve Carell has told how starring in Foxcatcher has made him want to challenge himself.

The actor portrays eccentric millionaire and murderer John du Pont in the movie and revealed it has made him want to take some risks with his work.

"I don't want to play it safe going forward," he said. "I would rather do things that are interesting and are possibly a little bit dangerous and maybe unexpected and maybe things that are a little bit out of my comfort zone. That's an exciting thing to try. It's challenging.

"The experience definitely primed me for challenging myself."

The film tells the true-life story of du Pont, whose friendship with wrestling brothers Dave and Mark Schultz, played by Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum respectively, ended in tragedy.

Steve, who donned prosthetics and heavy make-up for his role, said the film is "definitely darker" than his previous work and explained that he "didn't want to work at convincing people that I could do this".

He added: "I just wanted to play the guy and try to do the best representation of this human being that I could. I didn't want that added sense, 'Oh, I hope people buy me in it' because people haven't necessarily seen me do this type of thing before. So I had to get past that and just do it."

The former US Office actor opened up about one occasion when he and co-star Mark were heading home from set.

"We both looked at each other really in agreement that the whole thing was crazy and what we were doing was so far out there," the 52-year-old recalled. "We both felt we were taking huge swings."

"We weren't going to go halfway with it. That would have ended up being nothing. We both felt very vulnerable, that it could potentially be the worst thing we'd ever done or the best, but there was little in between."

Foxcatcher will be released in UK cinemas on January 9, 2015.


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