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Caroline Flack admits guilt over using Facetune on Instagram post

The TV presenter said image-altering apps make everyone look the same.

Caroline Flack (Matt Crossick/PA)
Caroline Flack (Matt Crossick/PA)

Caroline Flack has admitted using an image-altering app to smooth out her back for an Instagram picture.

The Love Island host said she felt guilty for using Facetune to change her photograph.

Appearing on Shopping With Keith Lemon, she was asked if she would ever consider plastic surgery.

She replied: “I would never say never.”

She added: “You know, I’ll tell you the one thing I do feel strongly about is Instagram, when people alter their pictures.

“Everyone’s starting to get, like, the same face on Instagram because of these Facetune things.

“I will admit, I’m going to admit it, I have used Facetune once.

“You can alter the shape of your body, you can colour in your skin, or get rid of a spot, things like that. And I used it once when I was on the beach and I had, like, a fat back so I got rid of … my back tits, and it got so many likes and I felt so guilty.”

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