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Casey Affleck: Directing on hold


Casey Affleck confessed he had missed acting

Casey Affleck confessed he had missed acting

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Casey Affleck confessed he had missed acting

Casey Affleck has revealed he is putting film directing on hold as he found he missed acting.

The Gone Baby Gone star and brother of Oscar-winning director Ben Affleck stars with Rooney Mara in David Lowery's new love story Aint Them Bodies Saints. Casey tried his hand at directing in 2010 with I'm Still Here, a mockumentary about the musical career of his friend and brother-in-law Joaquin Phoenix.

Casey said: "At this time I'm really enjoying being an actor and there are different projects that I'm thinking about working on so I don't know (about directing again).

"I'm Still Here took a big chunk of time and I didn't get to act and I sort of remembered why I liked acting and I missed it. And now I want to do a little bit more of it."

In Aint Them Bodies Saints, Casey plays Bob, a notorious criminal who breaks out of prison to be with the woman he loves, who has had his child while he has been behind bars.

Casey revealed: "Sometimes movies come together in strange ways but this was pretty straightforward. David sent the script out and everyone immediately responded to it because one of its strengths is the language and I could tell what the film was going to be just from the script. Sometimes it's not in the script and it's going to be down to the way the director makes it, but with his one you could see that he really loved language and he uses it in a very original way - the dialogue is poetic. So I decided to get involved and we were off and running. And David was fantastic. He was everything I hoped he would be as a director. "

Aint Them Bodies Saints is in cinemas now.