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Casualty to shock viewers with rape storyline involving popular character

Casualty’s producers consulted Rape Crisis England & Wales before commencing work on the script.

Hospital drama Casualty will shock fans with a rape storyline involving one of its most popular characters.

Dr Alicia Munroe – played by Chelsea Halfpenny – will have flashbacks of being assaulted by new arrival Eddie McAllister following a night of drinking with colleagues, according to the Daily Mirror.

For six weeks the character will struggle with both the attack and its devastating aftermath.

Chelsea Halfpenny has spoken about the challenges she faced while filming scenes for a rape storyline in Casualty (Ian West/PA)

Halfpenny, who has been in the show since 2015, told the newspaper: “I’ve felt a distinct sense of responsibility for this storyline.

“Through the sensitive writing, dedicated and passionate directing, and utmost love and support from each and every cast, crew and production member, I believe that we have dealt with the storyline authentically… and I hope it helps anyone that is, or has been through anything of this nature”.

Halfpenny and Joe Gaminara, who plays Dr McAllister, have already filmed the scenes, which are due to air later this month and throughout June.

Casualty’s producers consulted Rape Crisis England & Wales before commencing work on the script.


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