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Catherine Tyldesley dresses as ‘bondagey reindeer’ for Corrie

The actress said she looked like “a complete spoon” in the outfit.

Catherine Tyldesley has told how she had to keep her body hidden from view when she FaceTimed her son while dressed as a “bondagey reindeer” for scenes in Coronation Street.

The actress’s character Eva Price gets dressed up to help out in the grotto, but ends up as a sexy reindeer instead of a cute and cuddly one.

Tyldesley, mother of a two-year-old son, said of the skimpy outfit: “It’s so illegal! They’re at a community centre, it’s a children’s nativity and I felt bad actually wearing that outfit in front of children!

“I actually FaceTimed my son from my neck upwards. There’s nothing fluffy about it, it’s a bondagey reindeer!”


She added: “It’s very fitted and shorter than short, but I had big red knickers on so it was fine. It’s like a tutu.

“And a little red nose – I look like a complete spoon, but it works for the show.”

Eva’s new love interest Adam (Sam Robertson) also helps out at the grotto, and the actress said their relationship heats up.

She said: “When they go to get changed she can’t get her outfit off and he’s like, ‘Oh, well I’ll help you’ and then things get a little bit more than steamy.

“But it’s very funny; that’s the comic relief at Christmas.”


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