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CBB viewers back Jess Impiazzi after she cries over past mistake

The housemates were discussing whether they would have sex on television.


Jess Impiazzi (Channel 5)

Jess Impiazzi (Channel 5)

Jess Impiazzi (Channel 5)

Celebrity Big Brother viewers rallied round Jess Impiazzi after she broke down over a conversation about getting intimate on television.

The glamour girl headed to the Diary Room and started to cry about a “mistake” in her past, after she and her housemates discussed having sex on screen.

Shane Jenek admitted he would have sex on CBB while actress Amanda Barrie and Ann Widdecombe disapproved.

Jenek said: “If I was in this environment and there was somebody that was attracted to me, and I was attracted to them … and we were in bed together, it depends how you define sex.

“I would probably find myself engaging in sexual conduct in here.”

Barrie labelled Jenek “desperate”, but he snapped back: “I’m not desperate. I’m just not a prude or ashamed of my body or of the idea of sex.”

Former Ex On The Beach star Impiazzi told Big Brother: “I was just a bit (shocked) by people’s comments. I was a bit like, ‘Oh is that what people think of me?’

“And it just … hurt my feelings a bit.”

She continued: “It was my own fault, I was going on a show with a boyfriend and I swore to myself I wouldn’t have done something like that.

“But I didn’t want people to think that my value was less and I know I shouldn’t care what people think.

“But in here I have bonded with people. I don’t want people to think any less of me over something that I thought was a mistake to myself.”

Fans on social media backed Impiazzi over the incident and thought she should have told Barrie the truth.

@Lookitsfifi posted on Twitter: “I feel so bad for Jess! Someone shouldn’t be judged for having sex on tv. It doesn’t define who someone is.”

@HavilandNeil tweeted: “Jess doesn’t need to justify herself to anyone. I really liked her just then for the first time this series. Your value is no less after having sex on tv.”

@Signaturebegatn wrote: “Would have had more respect for Jess if she confronted Ann and Amanda about having sex on tv rather than going off to suck her thumb and wet her nappy about it in the diary room.”