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CBB viewers ‘cringing’ over Sarah Harding’s rant

Fans are worried about Sarah Harding’s career after her stint on Celebrity Big Brother.


Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding

Celebrity Big Brother viewers think Sarah Harding has torpedoed her chances of winning the show after she unleashed a foul-mouthed rant at Chad Johnson.

The lovebirds fell out over Johnson drinking booze, with the former Girls Aloud singer telling him: “F****** grow up!”

As the row escalated, she shouted: “Listen to me, I’ve been in this business 15 f****** years and you’re just starting out. You’re just starting out mate.”

“Don’t take the p***,” she added.

She also told US star Johnson: “Fix up, look f****** sharp and listen to someone who’s had the experience, been there, done than and worn the T-shirt.”

Viewers said they were “cringing” hearing Harding’s words.

“Sarah ‘I’ve been in this business 15 years’ what an embarrassing, waste of space she is!” one wrote on Twitter.

“Sarah ranting in Chad’s face that she’s been in the business 15 years, whilst simultaneously killing her career stone dead,” said another.

One person joked: “If I cringe any harder I will need medical attention. Just stop it.”

“She doesn’t even make sense and is massive massive cringe,” another viewer posted.

Many suggested that Harding had ruined her chances of winning the Channel 5 show and that her career would be left in tatters.

“Oh Sarah.. I cant believe I actually wanted you to win. You threw the win away…” said one disappointed fan.

“Sarah Harding cremating her career like she cremated that cottage pie the other night,” tweeted one, while another posted: “Just when you think Sarah couldn’t burry her career anymore…..she pulls out another shovel of dirt.”